The Honourable Woman 1.01

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Ygritte cupped his cheek with her hand. “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” she sighed, dying.

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Premiere vs. Finale

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You either run from things, or you face them, Mr. White. And what exactly does that mean? I learned it in rehab. It’s all about accepting who you really are. I accept who I am. And who are you? I’m the bad guy.
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#ughhh #this is one of the few few times where I’ve seen caroline feel 100% SAFE #not just physically safe #but safe to feel and think and SAY and do whatever she wants #and know it’ll be ok #that she’ll not only be accepted #but cherished and loved for who she is #all of it #and the fact that it makes tyler so happy #that he can be there for her the way she’s been there for him #I HATE EVERYTHING #JUST UGHHHHHHH (candyumbrella)

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What would your character’s Twitter description be?

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 Penny Dreadful » 1.01, Night Work

There is only one worthy goal for scientific explanation: piercing the issue that separates life from death. Everything else, from the deep bottom of the sea to the peak of the highest mountain on the farthest planet, is insignificant. Life and death, Sir Malcolm, the flicker that separates one from the other, fast as a bat’s wing, more beautiful than any sonnet…that is my river, that is my mountain. There I will plant my flag.

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